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Did you know that French monks created a herbal essence in the 1500s for soldiers for their wounds, skin injuries, and their skin diseases?

Discover the Arquebusade Herbal Water !

The original Arquebusade Herbal Water, by the recipe from 1634 is still available today! Experience the secret of the healing monks!

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The main objective of our site is helping by providing accurate information to our readers struggling with Rosecea! Therefore you will find comments after some contens or pictures in order to provide accurete customer information and to exclude any possible ambiguity. Explanations are marked with * (star) at the beginning of the sentence.

Having suffered from skin problems (psoriasis, rosacea, dry, sensitive) for most of my life I bought a bottle of Arquebusade Herbal Water 75. I was apprehensive about it as I had tried many products before without much success. I am very pleased to say that my doubts about it were completely unfounded. It’s just wonderful. My rosacea improved in a couple of weeks of using it. Not only has the redness gone – but as an added bonus my skin is softer, smoother and has a lovely texture! I had a painful, itchy rash on my legs but after using Arquebusade Herbal Water on it, the pain and itch disappeared in a couple of days. I have no hesitation in recommending this wonderful product. *Using our products, individual results may vary!

Melinda - Richmond, Victoria

After using Arquebusade Herbal Water 75 for only two days, the itching and dryness associated with my psoriasis had subsided. Within another day, the redness and inflammation of the skin had settled right down. After only three weeks of using the Arquebusade Herbal Water 75 my psoriasis had begun to disappear. In all the years that I have suffered from psoriasis, I have never been able to find a product that has achieved such incredible results and in such a short amount of time. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Arquebusade Herbal Water 75 to anyone suffering from the continual discomfort of psoriasis. *Using our products, individual results may vary!

Psoriasis Psoriasis healed
Andy -Moorabbin, Victoria

As a hairdresser of 15 years suffering psoriasis/dermatitis on my scalp. I have used many products over the years including prescription medications, with no relief. I was recommended to try the Arquebusade Herbal Water product to help heal my scalp and elevate my itching. I have found this product very effective sprayed in the morning and I find don’t scratch during the day. It has helped my dry scalp heal, the sores are disappearing and I am no longer constantly scratching. I also used it to elevate muscle cramps and found it very useful. No cramps where I was experiencing 3 to 4 cramps a night and the muscle was sore during the day. One spray and light massage and no more cramping. The product has a pleasant smell and is easy to apply in the hand spray pack. I can highly recommend this product as it has worked for me after many other haven’t. *Using our products, individual results may vary!

Priscilla - Tooradin, Victoria


Arquebusade Herbal Water testimonials published on our website are sent by our customers, and cannot be considered as an official medical recommendation. In case of similar skin problems or even undiagnosed skin problems consult with your madical pracitioner! The use of Arquebusade Herbal Water does not replace the use of conventional medical treatment or the right medication!

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